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European Council president Donald Tusk (Xinhua file photo)
BRUSSELS Darren Helm Jersey , Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- The other 27 members of the Europe Union (EU) are not working on a "no deal" scenario in their Brexit talks with Britain, President of the European Council Donald Tusk said on his twitter account Tuesday.

"We negotiate in good faith and hope for 'sufficient progress' by December," he added.

Tusk' remarks came a day after British Prime Minister Theresa May told Britain to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

Addressing MPs in the House of Commons on the first day back after the conference season, May said achieving a special partnership after Brexit will require leadership and flexibility, not just from Britain, but from the 27 nations of the EU.

"As we look forward to the next stage, the ball is in their court. But I am optimistic it will receive a positive response Martin Frk Jersey ," May told MPs in her first parliamentary statement since her big speech last month in Florence.

"What we are seeking is not just the best possible deal for us, but I believe that will also be the best possible deal for our European friends too. Progress will not always be smooth but by approaching these negotiations in a constructive way in a spirit of friendship and cooperation and with our sights firmly set on the future, I believe we can prove the doomsayers wrong," May added.

In her statement, May said the British government had published Monday two new policy consultation statements on trade and customs.

"These pave the way for legislation to allow the UK to operate as an independent trading nation and to create an innovative customs system that will help us achieve the greatest possible tariff and barrier-free trade as we leave the EU," said May.

Also on Monday, Brexit negotiation entered its fifth round in Brussels. With the absence of Britain's Brexit Secretary David Davis Luke Glendening Jersey , the two sides kicked off their talks in a low profile -- no joint press conference as usual.

Prior to her speech in the House of Commons, May told the other 27 members of the Union that "the ball is in the EU's court," calling on EU to take actions and exert more flexibility and imagination in the negotiations.

Answering the question of a British reporter about "the ball is in whose court", Margaritis Schinas, European Commission chief spokesperson, told reporters during Monday's daily briefing in the headquarters of the Commission that "This is not exactly a ball game".

"You know we don't provide comments on comment, but what I can remind you is that there is sequencing of these talks Henrik Zetterberg Jersey ," he said.

"There is no solution found so far to the step one, that is the divorce proceedings, so the ball is entirely in the Uk's court for the rest to happen," said Schinas, inviting some British media to deem these talks as "ping pong politics".

The long-awaited Brexit talks was launched on June 19, nearly one year after Britain voted to leave the bloc by a narrow margin on June 23, 2016.

May sent a notification letter to the EU in late March Anthony Mantha Jersey , triggering a two-year countdown to Britain's withdrawal of the bloc after more than 44 years of membership.

Fairy tattoos are often sported by women that consider themselves to be innocent and young at heart. For many people, fairies represent the magical and wondrous properties of the natural world personified into a small, beautiful creature. Fairies represent absolute good and in most literature, represent a triumph of good over evil. Very rarely are fairies depicted as evil or malicious. Fairies are found in the mythology of many cultures of the world and are the representatives of the beauty and innocence found in the world around us.

Fairy tattoos are far more common on women than men, for obvious reasons, and because of their generally small size, they are normally located on the shoulder Jimmy Howard Jersey , back, ankle, or calf of the women that sport them. Fairies are colorful and whimsical creatures with an infinite amount of design variations, making them easily customizable for different personalities. Because fairy tattoos are small, they can be some of the quickest and least painful designs available.

Customizing Your Fairy Tattoo

Fairies are commonly represented in art and literature, and many women use these designs as a jumping point to customize their own fairy tattoos. These fairy designs can be customized by color, hairstyle Tomas Tatar Jersey , clothing design, the possibilities are endless. The wealth of fairy designs available to be created as a tattoo almost guarantees that no two fairy tattoos will be the same.

Fairy tattoos can signify magic, mischief, or charm, depending on the personality of the wearer. There are many different types of fairies, but most are depicted as a young girl with gossamer wings. In many designs, the wings designate which type of fairy is being depicted Gustav Nyquist Jersey , whether a woodland fairy, a mystical fairy, or a fairy created in the imagination of the bearer. For many, fairy tattoos symbolize freedom, beauty, nature, and eternal youth.

Due to the small size of most designs for fairy tattoos Justin Abdelkader Jersey , they can also be one of the least expensive tattoos to obtain. Most designs require a minimal amount of work and only use a limited number of colors. The addition of more colors or an increase in size will understandably be reflected by an increase in the price to have the tattoo completed. Fairy tattoos are very popular at the moment in many cultures, especially in the United States. Many tattoo artists will have a wide range of templates for fairy tattoos located on their premises, and many possess the skill to duplicate a design that you have created on your own, giving you a fairy design that is truly unique to your personality.

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