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Not very long back there was a fear that a pandemic would spread all over the world. Europe Michael Roberts Jersey , parts of Africa and Asia were the worst affected. It was the fear of the deadly bird flu. The avian influenza H5N1) is not expected to disappear completely from these parts of the world very soon feels the WHO. It is likely that that H5N1 infection amongst birds and its subsequent infections in the humans resulting due to direct contact with infected poultry will continue to occur. So far, the spread of H5N1 virus from person to person has been rare and limited. Bird flu or the avian influenza virus usually refers to influenza A virus, found mainly in birds. The infection may also occur in humans. But such cases are rare. However, confirmed cases of human infection have been reported since 1997 which killed 6 of 18 victims of bird flu. Over the time Jalen Reeves-Maybin Jersey , the influenza A virus (H5N1) seems to have developed the ability to infect more and more species of birds, and has found its way into mammals - specifically, cats that have eaten infected birds. In 1918, bird flu infected humans and killed at least 50 million people within a few months. Similarly in 1957 Kenny Golladay Jersey , the Asian flu caused between one to four million deaths, while in 1968, the Hong Kong flu caused one to two million human deaths. Virologists agree that we are due for another pandemic but when is the big question. We just managed to miss is last year. What makes it more worrying is that, like the 1918 virus Teez Tabor Jersey , the H5N1 virus seems to becoming more deadly to humans. Scientists are concerned that H5N1 virus one day could be able to infect humans and spread easily from one person to another. The impact of Bird Flu was largely in China last year. As the viruses do not commonly infect humans and spread easily from one to another, there is little or no immune protection against them in human population. Virologists believe that we can make vaccines for the H5N1 strain, but the question lies that do we have the time to test these vaccines first and then manufacture them. The only back up or treatment of bird flu is in the absence of any vaccine is the antiviral drug. A few new drugs are in the pipeline and there are classes of drugs used for blood pressure and cholesterol which may prove helpful in the treatment of bird flu. Drugs like amantadine and rimantadine which are used as antiviral medications seems to have developed resistance in the treatment of H5N1 virus. There are various studies going on to test the effectiveness of oseltamavir and zanamavir (relenza), another two anti viral medication commonly used in influenza. Most of the existing drugs are in short supply. Several generic manufacturers are now making Tamiflu Jarrad Davis Jersey , the main antiviral, although it is not clear whether H5N1 is resistant to it or not.

LEICESTER, May 8, 2016 (Xinhua) -- A banner reads "Had a hunch we'd win-Richard III" is seen over Leicester City to celebrate their football club's winning the Premier League title in Leicester, England on May 7, 2016. (XinhuaHan Yan)


JUBA, Aug. 18 (Xinhua) -- South Sudan's humanitarian communityon Friday renewed calls for respect and protection of aid workerson the frontline following the killing of at least 82 humanitariansin the ongoing more than three years of conflict.

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) head DavidShearer said the country is one of the most dangerous andchallenging places for aid workers, and urged leaders to respectand protect lives of aid workers as he paid tribute to those killedin the violence.

""I have worked all over the world but I can't think of a moredifficult place to work than here logistically in terms of theconflict Kerryon Johnson Jersey , the need is sort of a perfect storm in terms ofdifficulty,"" Shearer said during World Humanitarian Daycelebrations in Juba.

Attacks by armed groups on aid workers have intensified thisyear alone leaving 15 aid workers killed amid vandalism and lootingof aid.

""We should acknowledge that we are in enormous number of placesacross South Sudan, and if you were not there, there would be tensof hundreds of people who wouldn't be alive today. And there arepockets of places we have real problems getting to like Kajo Keji Frank Ragnow Jersey ,some of the places in Upper Nile,"" Shearer added.

The acting head of the UN Humanitarian Coordination Office(UNOCHA) Serge Tissot said the increased attacks on aid workersadds more risk to the lives of millions in dire need ofsupport.

""Civilians in South Sudan continue to be killed and subject tohorrible violations including sexual violations, 7.5 million peopleare in need of humanitarian help and protection as a result ofconflict, disease Cheap Detroit Lions Hats , hunger and economic decline,"" he said.

""We continue to face ongoing challenge to serve and freelyaccess to populations in need. Aid workers have been directlytargeted by armed actors, denied access and subjected to beatings.The way aid workers are treated show a complete lack of respectfrom all parties to the conflict,"" Serge added.

The head of international NGO staff Deepmala Mahla Cheap Detroit Lions T-Shirts , disclosedthat the situation is increasingly worrisome and will continue todeteriorate if the warring parties don't stop attacks against aidworkers.

""The humanitarian needs in this country are higher than ever andin this environment we see increased risks to the security of aidworkers. In these Seven months this year, 15 have already losttheir lives,"" Mahla said.

She added that for the second year in row, South Sudan is themost dangerous country in the world for aid workers Cheap Detroit Lions Hoodie , and thisreflects an atmosphere of impunity for those involved in theviolence.

""Aid workers are not only soft targets but also possess valuableassets. This year we have seen 32 incidents of looting. Looting ofassets costs millions of dollars and it has such a real impact onthe number of people who we are able to serve and this gettingincreasin. Cheap Brazil Jerseys   Adam Lundqvist Sweden Jersey   Hector Bellerin Spain Jersey   Jorge Torres Nilo Mexico Jersey   Karim Bellarabi Germany Jersey   Cheap Ducks Jerseys   Cheap Coyotes Jerseys   Wholesale Canadiens Jerseys   Wholesale Bruins Jerseys   Wholesale Columbus Blue Jackets Jerseys



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