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#1 2018-06-27 08:04:32


Ceramic Bench Stone


Just wondered how people get on with the ceramic bench stones? Currently I use cheap waterstones but I'll need to do something because my fine stone (a King 6000 grit) is wearing out, and is also a little small. This isn't just for knives, it will mostly be used for sharpening plane irons, chisels etc. I'm undecided whether to stick with waterstones (although I'm fed up with messing around with water etc), or whether to switch to ceramic or possible to Arkansas. As far as I can see the advantages to ceramic would be that they stay flat, and less mess in use. Disadvantages would be less choice of size and grade than waterstones, and some reports that the ceramic stones are difficult to clean when they get loaded.

Any help will be apprecited.

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