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It’s Official (Unofficially) nike air max 90 grise femme pas cher , The Best Of The Best Movies Of 2013 » Submit Content Online | Free Article Directory | Add Articles Tweet
We’ll concede off the top that “best” isn’t exactly a scientific term. It depends who you ask. Then of course not all the contenders are in. And we admit we still haven’t caught the second part of The Hobbit yet. So, a little hedging of one’s bets is called for.

We’re going to go out on a limb, though and anticipate that – since they were produced more or less simultaneously – part 2 will share the first installment’s virtues and vices: which is to say, somewhat fresher humor than was expected, but a tad excessive on the action front. Lord of the Rings mostly did well striking the right balance between action and introspection. (You know, all that dark night of soul, battling the evil within, stuff.) Part one of the Hobbit erred too much in the direction of the action genre. Hope reigns supreme though that the second part will recover the initial recipe of the franchise’s success. The jury is still out.

Between though what’s been released and what our secret sources have given us access to ahead of the gen-pop, we feel comfortable in declaring for the best movies of 2013 – or nike air max 90 jacquard pas cher , more precisely, the best movie! One criterion of course is to let the people have their say. They vote with their hard earned dollars and that at least deserves honorable mention.

So, in a sop to populism, we will acknowledge that in this category the winner is Iron Man 3. This morning Box Office Mojo had it listed as running up into the territory of $410 million Shekels in box office grosses. And, I can’t resist just a brief digression of personal amazement. Honestly, who ever would have predicted that the protagonist of The Pick-Up Artist and Two Girls and a Guy, or the persona of Larry Paul from Ally McBeal , would be the superhero star of a megabuck action franchise? Well, sure fooled me. That’s almost as nuts as little Tobey Maguire being the superhero star of a megabuck action franchise. And that could never happen nike air max 90 hyperfuse usa pas cher , right?

Well, be all that as it may, this movie watchdog is no democracy. We’ve got our own idiosyncratic ways of choosing the best movies. And behinds-in-seats is not it. I certainly would be sympathetic you anyone who insisted that the delightful and intriguing Sound City in fact deserved the honors. This great documentary reveals the story behind the story, giving us the scoop on one of the best kept secrets in American popular culture. Hidden away in the San Fernando Valley, amid ramshackle warehouses, an extraordinary studio, with amazing technical capacities, became a recording shrine for iconic names among American pop and rock musicians.

From Fleetwood Mac and Neil Young to Nirvana and Metallica, they came to refine their sound. The story is told through the experience many of the iconic musicians that found and benefited from the acoustic magic. No arguing that this film is a great experience. It’s highly recommended nike air max 90 blanche homme pas cher , but, come on, now. You know we’re not so namby-pamby as to declare a documentary as our best movie of the year.

No, rather, we’re leading the charge, ahead of the curve, throwing down the gauntlet: declaring that soul scorching flick, Le Week-End as our the best movie of the year. Don’t freak out, it’s not some obtuse foreign film (that would be as bad as naming a doc best movie). The Frenchified title points to the film’s location nike air max 90 blanche femme pas cher , in Paris. It’s there that we find a British couple in the throes of marital ennui. They are fantastically portrayed by still astoundingly gorgeous Lindsay Duncan and the painfully dowdy Jim Broadbent.

It would be a shame to give too much away. The dialogue is too die for, with all its bite and subtle insinuation. Let’s just say, if you enjoyed Richard Linklater’s Before Sunset series, just try picturing the barbs and retorts that might be forthcoming from Jesse and Celine in the twilight of their relationship. Then you’ll have some idea.

Also in need of special recognition is the magnificent supporting performance of Jeff Goldblum. In the twilight of his career he has become something of a master at there richly textured, ambiguous character roles. The one in Le Week-End doesn’t rival his darkly menacing portrayal in Igby Goes Down, but it’s a memorable performance. Indeed, I suspect it is one we’ll all look back upon fondly when reflecting on the tall guy’s great career.

And so, now you know, the die is cast nike air max 90 bleu homme pas cher , the truth is told, our favorite for 2013 is revealed. Or, anyway, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it. Unquestionably, there were some other excellent offerings, which have received a well deserved not. Le Week-End, with its dark and brooding, funny and cruel, rich dialogue nike air max 90 rouge homme soldes , that scorches the soul even as it may well up a tear or two, is our pick for the best of the best movies of 2013. If you think we’re wrong, let us know why.

Mickey Jhonny is a staff writer at The Best Movies of 2013.

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