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#1 2018-05-16 14:21:56


MSI Leopard/Apache Pro vs Gigabyte Sabre


I'm looking for something powerful although I tend to play less demanding games like Sims 3 and Minecraft (don't judge please). I'm also keen to have a laptop that looks and feels like it's good quality and considering I'm unable to see these laptops in person before buying, it'd be helpful to hear from owners. I've also fallen in love with the multicolour backlit keys on all models I've linked to which is now a must. The MSI laptops I've picked are both 15.6" screens as opposed to the 17.3" screen of the Gigabyte which is a main factor that is tearing me apart - years back I owned a 17.3" laptop and loved the larger screen size. However I can't seem to find an MSI laptop with the backlit keys at 17.3" within my budget. I'm also aware that the Gigabyte laptop has less RAM - but ive never owned a laptop with more than 8gb RAM before anyway, is it worth it for me?

Please help.

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