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SAN FRANCISCO Discount Detroit Lions Jersey , Sept. 16 (Xinhua) -- Researchers at theUniversity of Washington (UW) are developing the first smartphoneapplication, or app, that is capable of detecting concussion andother traumatic brain injuries in the field.

The app, known as PupilScreen Discount Green Bay Packers Jersey , can detect changes in a pupil'sresponse to light using a smartphone's video camera and deeplearning tools - a type of artificial intelligence - that canquantify changes imperceptible to the human eye.

As described in a paper presented this week at Ubicomp 2017,PupilScreen can assess a patient's pupillary light reflex almost aswell as a pupilometer, an expensive and rarely used machine foundonly in hospitals.

It uses the smartphone's flash to stimulate the patient's eyesand the video camera to record a three-second video.

The video is processed using algorithms that can determine whichpixels belong to the pupil in each video frame and measure thechanges in pupil size across those frames.

In a small pilot study that combined 48 results from patientswith traumatic brain injury and from healthy people, clinicianswere able to diagnose the brain injuries with almost perfectaccuracy using the app's output alone.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)estimates about half of the 3.8 million concussions per year in theUnited States from recreational sports injuries alone still goundiagnosed Discount Houston Texans Jersey , putting millions of young players and adults at riskfor permanent cognitive deficits.

A broader clinical study later this year will put PupilScreen inthe hands of coaches, emergency medical technicians, doctors andothers to gather more data on which pupillary responsecharacteristics are most helpful in determining ambiguous cases ofconcussion.

And the team of UW computer scientists, electrical engineers andmedical researchers hope to release a commercially availableversion of PupilScreen within two years.

"Having an objective measure that a coach or parent or anyone onthe sidelines of a game could use to screen for concussion wouldtruly be a game-changer Discount Indianapolis Colts Jersey ," Shwetak Patel, a professor of ComputerScience & Engineering and of Electrical Engineering at the UW,said in a news release. Enditem


SYDNEY, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- Former Australian prime minister Gough Whitlam was remembered on Wednesday at his memorial as a man who changed the country for the better.

Former prime ministers Malcolm Fraser Discount Jacksonville Jaguars Jersey , Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, John Howard, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard joined Prime Minister Tony Abbott to pay their respects to Whitlam Discount Kansas City Chiefs Jersey , who died on Oct. 21 at the age of 98.

The Sydney Town Hall was packed with 1,700 people, many dignitaries, and thousands stood on the street outside the hall to watch the service on big screens.

Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) journalist and former Whitlam staffer Kerry O'Brien opened the memorial Discount Los Angeles Chargers Jersey , describing his hero as a big man, in many different ways.

""Gough's very substantial legacy is now carved into this country's history,"" O'Brien said.

Australian actress Cate Blanchett said the former premier's sweeping reforms and initiatives shaped her generation. ""When I heard that Gough Whitlam had died, I was filled with an inordinate sadness Discount Los Angeles Rams Jersey , a great sorrow,"" she said.

Labor Senator John Faulkner said at a ""time when so many are so cynical about politics, let us remember that this great Australian chose politics as a mission.""

Aunty Millie Ingram honored Whitlam's work to further the rights of indigenous Australians and Aboriginal leader Noel Pearson praised him for his landmark initiatives that brought about the first steps in reconciliation for indigenous people.

Whitlam's speechwriter and political historian Graham Freudenberg said his mentor was a visionary who used politics to change the fabric of Australian life.

""He saw that only the nation's parliament could bring quality and equality to areas of Australian life where Canberra had never before dared or cared,"" Freudenberg said.

The music played at the memorial was chosen by Whitlam himself and included The Sydney Symphony Orchestra and songs by Australian singer songwriter Paul Kelly.

After the service Discount Miami Dolphins Jersey , four FA-18 Hornet fighter jets conduct a flyover above Sydney Town Hall.

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