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#1 2018-01-13 06:19:01


With a lot more knowledge in the server setup

With a lot more knowledge in the server setup, we could ultimately open the doors of MU Legend’s OBT mu legend zen a handful of months later. The success was even more significant than we could anticipate, very literally, top to lots of server openings within an initial couple of days. We also reached a significant milestone: one hundred.000 Facebook fans across the planet, and counting!

Naturally, such a release will typically possess a few hiccups, when there are rankings, there are usually a bunch of people today (not players) that neglect about fair-play and will do anything they will feel of to take advantage, not primarily based on their skills, but by cheating.

Apparently, we also encountered the usual plague of MMO games: botters, cheaters, gold sellers. We had to take drastic actions to limit their impact on the early OBT. It was challenging, and as you almost certainly know, some legit players got caught inside the net. With all the frequent update of our tools, we were capable of cheap mu legend zen providing an improved game atmosphere.

And more and more botters are kept at bay. We are not minimizing our efforts, as we are committed to producing the MU continent an enjoyable spot. Several bugs have already been ironed out, and we're continuing the curation of our bug reports.

On best of the bug fixes, the initial couple of weeks saw the addition of your 3v3 PvP game mode and our initial thematic event for the end-of-year holidays. BY https://www.playerhot.com/games/mu-legend/Golds here now...so thanks, well done!



#2 2018-05-05 07:47:41


Re: With a lot more knowledge in the server setup

The article you wrote to everyone has been known. Thank you so much is a good thing for me.




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