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The U.S. "Science" magazine that published on December 21 said that there are six major scientific areas of concern in 2013: the single-cell sequencing Ty Montgomery Jersey , the Planck the probing microwave background radiation, human connection group plan, the exploration under the Antarctic ice, cancer immunotherapy therapy and basic plant research. There are the three of them below.
Single cell sequencing: the cell is the basic unit of biology, and the researchers are working to try to make a separation Quinten Rollins Jersey , do some researches and make a comparison. The present biological research of genome sequencing mostly goes on after the extraction of the genetic material of a large number of cells, ignoring the differences between cells. Thus the single-cell sequencing can avoid this situation. Some scientists believe that by studying a single, intact cell’s genetic material can understand the working mechanism of the cells someday, especially the brain cells. In 2013, the single-cell sequencing is expected to reveal more information Damarious Randall Jersey , such as understanding how the cancer cell changes in the tumor as and how many versions of the gene settled in each cell. Also the related technologies is expected to be used for the diagnosis of cancer cells.
Planck the probing microwave radiating background: at present, the scientific community is generally considered the birth of the universe can be trace back to the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago, and the microwave radiating background is the "embers" of the big bang, it is evenly distributed in the entire universe. The European Space Agency's Planck satellite is named after the name of the German physicist Max Planck, which carries a series of high-sensitivity instruments that can make a in-depth probe of the cosmic microwave radiating background. In 2013 Kenny Clark Jersey , "Planck" to the cosmic microwave radiating background has planted the most accurate drawing of the universe by far, detecting the cosmology theory with higher precision, and might find the evidence to supply or amend the "big bang" theory.
Human connection group plan: human connection group plan began in 2010 at a cost of $ 38.5 million project aimed at scanning the brains of 1200 healthy adults, comparing the differences of various regions of the brain neural connection and knowing how it lead to cognition and the individual differences of behavioral aspects. And ultimately it can depict the human brain's neural connections. The human connection group plan will be in full swing in 2013. Currently, the supporters and opponents are debating to which degree the brain connection map can promote the understanding of brain function. This time next year Bart Starr Jersey , it will provide a much richer data to these disputes.
Unfortunately many soccer players or parents of children who are learning soccer think that it is enough to simply train physically for a game. While it is true that physical discipline and training is needed to be a good player, it is equally important to feed the body what it needs when playing such a demanding sport. If you follow the soccer nutrition guidelines below, you will see a drastic improvement in your game when your body has the fuel it needs.


The term macronutrient is used to describe the various substances that the body needs in very large quantities in order to function properly. Without the correct amount of these nutrients, the body would not be able to perform essential functions on a day to day basis. Macronutrients can include basic elements such as oxygen and carbon, or nutrients such as carbohydrates Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Jersey , fats, and proteins. This also included macro minerals that are needed in large quantities such as calcium and potassium.

In your daily soccer nutrition, you should strive to include as many of the essential macronutrients as possible. The most important ones include your macro minerals, as well as your proteins and carbohydrates. Without these substances, your body can?t build strong muscles or produce enough fuel to get you through a soccer game.


Just like macronutrients Aaron Rodgers Jersey , micronutrients are needed to successfully run the body but in much smaller quantities. Good soccer nutrition will not only include ample amounts of macronutrients, but the micro ones as well. Micronutrients include vitamins such as C,E,K and others that are essential in providing the body with the energy and nutrients it needs to continue functioning properly.

Staying Hydrated

Hydration is one of the main things that a soccer player will have to constantly deal with during game play and practice. If you are not able to remain hydrated, then you run the risk of becoming dehydrated Cheap Packers Hats , which you lead to a wide range of medical problems.

Through proper soccer nutrition, it is possible to stay hydrated at all time, not only through the drinking of water but through the eating of hydrating foods as well.

Good Foods for Soccer Players

While maintaining a basic healthy diet is a good idea for soccer nutrition. There are specific foods that are better for a soccer player?s performance than others. Some of the best soccer foods include:
? Red meats
? Eggs
? Low fiber fruits and vegetables.
? Green veggies such as lettuce, spinach, and cabbage
? Milk
? Pastas
? Whole grain breads and oatmeal
? Nuts

Although it may not seem that a special diet is needed for those who play soccer Cheap Packers T-Shirts , a good diet of the proper foods can actually improve the way you play. Good soccer nutrition is the key to performing better during the game and recovering quickly after wards.

By eating foods rich with macronutrients, micronutrients, and remaining hydrated, you can gain more energy while improving your health. The information above can help you learn everythi.



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