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Onam Song

Author: Prasad Cheruvannur

Onam Songs is normally released with the festival of onam which is celebrated in Kerala state of India. Onam which is celebrated with a mythical story of a king who was ruled 1000s of years before. The above king (Mahabali) said to have received a blessing from Lord Vishnu which enabled him to visit his people once in a year even after his time, as long as the world exists. So the Kerala people started celebrating that day with lot of food Women's Anthony Zettel Jersey , games and cultural activities to welcome their beloved king.

Onam Cultural activities:

Onam celebration mark with lot of cultural activities in Kerala. Each and every village will be conducting their own cultural activities. Traditionally women of neighboring houses will practice and dance thiruvathira kali with rhythmic steps of Indian classical dance against thirucvathira songs. Normally thiruvathira songs will be Hindu devotional songs or songs connected with Kerala traditions.

Ona pattukal or onam songs:

To keep the festival spirit high there is lot of onam songs are available. In olden days it was vocal songs composed locally and sang. Some of them were famous.

But in modern days recording companies based in south India has starts to release onam songs in every year for onam. Now a days the competition is such that the quality of the songs is excellent, as otherwise you will not be able to survive in the market. Onam marks with big spending in Kerala and malayalees. And the recording companies are trying to utilize the opportunities to claim their slice in that money.

Some years before only one or two studios were on the market but as the price of recording equipments has come down and are even affordable for small labels. Accordingly each and every recording group .



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