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sammy khan

Clash Royale the game of cards with added strategy

Clash Royale will test your decision skills in a flick unlike in Clash of Clans. COC will give you half a minute during the raid and almost a day or two if you joined the war to strategize and defeat your opponent. Various strategies were introduced in this article to help you in terms of card deck, elixir and patience. These three essential things must be remembered while playing Clash Royale. Why? Simple. Because it will be the key to your success. We suggest you to check every detail of the featured videos and wisely choose to acquire tips that will surely bring you to victory. For more Clash Royale tips and guide check these links below:

A Clash Royale Deck Building Guide to help you beat opponents

Are you constantly defeated at Clash Royale? Maybe it is time to re-examine your deck!

The Beginner's Guide to becoming a pro in this addictive game from Supercell!


Strategize your way to victory, follow these tips in Clash Royale and become a pro in no time in this wildly popular game from Supercell.

Do you have any tips for your co-clashers, Chief? Share it with us here and in our http://www.clashroyalehackcheats.com/

Your first genuine test in this diversion will happen in the Bone Pit, where you will end up going head to head against players with more grounded Towers and more elevated amount troops than you. You will likewise likely keep running into rivals with more than one Epic card, which at this phase of the amusement ought to be sufficient to swing the diversion to support them. Make sure to get your tower up to level 3 and join a tribe!

Unless you have invested some energy staying nearby Arena 2, odds are you will in any case be depending on your unique troops now as you have sufficiently collected of them to level up. The same Giant + little troops methodology is still the best procedure for taking out towers (see Arena 1 system guide for points of interest), however the Giant's way to the towers will be harder with the presentation of Minions and Tombstone.

Talking about Minions, they ought to be added to your deck once you open them. They are incredible at taking out skirmish troops, for example, Mini P.E.K.K.A and Knight, and is a powerful counter against Baby Dragon on the off chance that you play them legitimately (don't put them directly before Baby Dragon!)

Since you may likewise play against Minions, make a point to pack enough air resistance against it. Musketeer ought to in any case be your go-to guard card and she will have the capacity to shoot down low level Minions with one shot. Same goes for Balloon – it's far-fetched that you'll experience Balloon as it is another Epic card for this Arena, yet make sure you have Minions and Musketeer accessible to bring down the Balloon before it achieves your tower.

You may likewise experience a greater amount of the notorious Goblin Barrel, an Epic that is opened in Arena 1. To counter the Goblin Barrel, essentially fire of Arrows towards the heading of the tower they are assaulting, in a perfect world before the Barrel lands so you can keep away from any harm. Bolts are likewise incredible against Skeleton Army, so make certain to pack one in your deck now.

Troll Huts are a decent esteem play at 5 mana and will prevent adversaries from assaulting one side of the tower with a proceeding with stream of Goblins. Left unchecked, and the little lances will destroy your rival's tower. Attempt to play one amidst your Arena, and play a Giant or Knight on protection to stack up the Spear Goblins. Gravestone is an exceptionally viable guard card (so great that it has been nerfed twice since the amusement was dispatched!) and will be a decent prevention against Prince and Giant. Make certain to add that to your deck once opened too.

Try not to be threatened by Skeleton Giant on the off chance that you experience it; simply bait it towards the focal point of the Arena with your ran troops (Musketeer, Spear Goblin or Archers) and let your towers take it out. Try not to freeze and exaggerate your troops against it, as it's blast will wipe out every one of your troops and abandon you open for a moment wave of assault.



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Re: Clash Royale the game of cards with added strategy

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Joria Wall

Re: Clash Royale the game of cards with added strategy

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Re: Clash Royale the game of cards with added strategy

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rony albert

Re: Clash Royale the game of cards with added strategy

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Re: Clash Royale the game of cards with added strategy

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Re: Clash Royale the game of cards with added strategy

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Re: Clash Royale the game of cards with added strategy

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Re: Clash Royale the game of cards with added strategy

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