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Eliminates forever notifications games on Facebook

Fulanito your friend wants to invite you to try XXX Ville . This message made us excited when Facebook started life has become for many a nightmare online. Games on the social network for excellence are not bad in itself, but if we are not of those who played on Facebook, continuous invitations are a nuisance that can be avoided.clash royale cheats

In this post we will explain three simple procedures to remove and gradual invitations and notifications for a particular game, several, or all and forever. Come up with it.

Takedown notice

The first way to end the notifications is somewhat passive and only serves to eliminate a particular application avalanches that has become fashionable. Invitations games usually come in waves. Upon receiving the first, just click on the name of the game for this leads us to the official micro site on Facebook.score hero hack

Once there, we will see a warning about the elements that the game is using our profile. Under this notice there is a button 'off'. If we click we will not receive annoying notifications that particular game.

This procedure is effective but does not prevent receive invitations or notifications from other games. Only we have received the notification.http://www.csrracing2hack-cheats.com/

Elimination chain

The second technique ninja to stop notifications infiltrate passes through the center of Facebook applications. You only have to write facebook in the browser with our previously registered profile. Simply that we have entered before him. Our top right name appears.

Once in the App Center, we have a list of categories on the left. Click on notifications and then we mousing through the different game notifications we have received. the option appears in each 'Lock the name of the game'. If the person is very insistent requests, it is also the option to block all applications from that person, but is a more radical solution.

In this way we can go about doing that games and applications most annoying and irrelevant disappear forever from our timeline and let us not get notifications from them.

Privacy Settings

The last option to remove forever the annoying invitations to games is final and radical. It is to edit our privacy profile. You only have to click the arrow next to our name, top right, and click 'Edit privacy settings'.

Once there, we click on the 'Edit Settings' under the heading' ads, websites and applications. " In doing so shall another new page with different headings. Select 'Edit Settings' in the titled "As people use your information in applications that use'.

Pressing a popup menu in which detailed what parts of your profile have access applications installed opens friends. Just go unchecking those who do not want. Overall, the games use our biography and status updates. Unchecking those boxes deny permissions to get any game you want us to watch that.Dream league soccer 2016 coins hack

You may uncheck absolutely everything, but then our friends could experience problems when, for example, to share some of our existing applications using a mobile phone. Of course, if desmarcamos all we will not be notified of a game never in life. And now, to enjoy the tranquility.Lords Mobile Cheats



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