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Chris Brasher Authentic Brett Ritchie Jersey , an Olympic medallist in 1956, first designed the perfect walking boot in 1978 after walking with his friend in Wales and developing sore, blistered feet. Many walkers rushed out and bought his walking boots because of the support, comfort and light weight. Since then Brasher has become extremely popular with walkers and the company has expanded into producing accessories for walkers. In 1993 a walking boot, the Hillmaster GTX Authentic Esa Lindell Jersey , was produced that was waterproof and contained a Gore Tex membrane so as to be breathable. In 2002 a form of lifestyle footwear was produced that was comfortable to wear in towns but strong enough to take on trail walking. Later Crampon compatible boots were released in 2006.

Brasher offers walking boots for men, women and kids. For men and women there is a wide range, from mountain boots to lite hiking and active wear. Mountain boots are designed to be weather proof, breathable and stiff. They are also compatible with crampons. The sole is shock absorbing. Trekking boots are suitable for backpacking and designed specifically for people who are carrying heavy loads over rough terrain. They are Gore Tex lined and also come with a shock absorbing sole. Hiking boots are for people who climb local hills; they are lightweight and comfortable with a waterproof lining. For those that like wandering around the local countryside, lite walking boots come with waterproofing Authentic Tyler Pitlick Jersey , comfortable soles and are extremely lightweight. Their active boot ranges have the performance of a boot but the versatility of shoes. These are ideal for hoofing around local trails or the town. The travel range is comfortable shoes ideal for exploring trails around holiday destinations. Ladies? walking boots are specifically designed for women and come with additional comfort and support. For kids there is a hiking range of walking boots and comfy socks. For those that love Brasher, there is a lifestyle range for both men and women consisting of boots, shoes and sandals.

Accessories include a wide variety of socks with varying thickness according to the seasons that you are planning to walk during, or all terrain for the brave souls that decide to mountain climb! Some are wool based to provide additional warmth, with Lycra support in the arch and ankle to prevent movement of the sock. There is extra protection in the toes Authentic Devin Shore Jersey , heel, ball and ankle. There are a wide range of poles to choose from including anti shock models. Other accessories that are available from Brasher include laces to refit to your boots, protector spray, and conditioning cream to keep those boots in tip top condition!

Brasher offers a great versatile range of walking wear for those who enjoy mountain climbing in the snowy peaks to those who prefer a gentle stroll in the countryside or exploring town trails. They cater for both men and women, as well as the youngsters Authentic Mattias Janmark Jersey , and offer a wide range of accessories to boost this. You can find everything you need to support your holiday at your local stockist.
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Packyourbags Travel Store supplies a wide range of travel accessories and outdoor clothing, including http:shop.packyourbagsacatalogBrasher Brasher walking boots. Brasher walking boots are ideal for any outdoors enthusiast, whether it?s climbing snowy peaks or taking a stroll through the countryside.

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