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The way you see yourself has a major effect on the way you feel. If you think of yourself as attractive Justin Bailey Womens Jersey , if you have good body image, then you will feel better and act with more confidence in the world. As the saying goes, you are as pretty as you feel.

There are many steps you can take to improve your body image. Some of these are in the mind, changing the way you think about yourself and your appearance, and some are in the body, taking those steps to get yourself into shape and improve your health.

1. The first thing you?ll want to do is start steering your thoughts away from the negative to the positive. If you miss a workout routine one day Ryan O'Reilly Womens Jersey , don?t get discouraged and start thinking about how you?ve disappointed yourself, think about how many workout routines you?ve actually made. Emphasize your successes, not your disappointments.

2. If you want to improve your body image by improving your fitness, find ways to make getting fit fun. If a workout is something you have to drag yourself to, then maybe you need to change how you workout. Do you know how many calories a nice swim can burn off? A lot! Dancing is a fantastic aerobic workout. Enjoying yourself is a sure way to improve your body image.

3. Technology and science have provided us with many new ways of getting in shape. Scientists have studied the way such substances as omega 3, found in many foods Benoit Pouliot Womens Jersey , can boost our immune systems and improve our health. New exercise techniques have been developed to more efficiently use our bodies to get into shape.

4. Rebounding, using mini trampolines, is a breakthrough technology for exercise and fitness. The Needak rebounder is one such mini trampoline. This equipment uses the force of gravity to provide health benefits. As you jump, you experience weightlessness at the top of the jump, acceleration as you descend, and enhanced gravity as you land on the Needak rebounder. The effect is to stimulate the body in ways that conventional exercises don?t.

5. Of course Rasmus Ristolainen Womens Jersey , whether eating right or exercising, you?ll keep your motivation high if you have people to share your successes with. Joining support groups for fitness and health are a great way to get positive feedback for your efforts and improve your body image. Getting a gym membership and taking fitness classes can make staying healthy fun.

6. You?ll want to develop your other interests outside of staying fit as well. A hobby or volunteer work gives you contact with other people or a nice break from the stresses of modern living. As recent research has proven, a happy mind and a happy body go hand in hand.

7. Finally, sometimes trying something new is a great way to boost your mood and your body image. Take a class, try a new workout routine, take a trip somewhere you?ve never been. Treat yourself to a new haircut Robin Lehner Womens Jersey , some new clothes. Being kind to yourself is essential to improving your body image.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 8 (Xinhua) -- New research has identified geomagnetic intensity variations as the cause for a secondary pattern of "wobble" within periods of stable polarity on the Earth.

Centuries of human observation, as well as the geologic record, show that the Earth's magnetic field changes dramatically in its strength and structure over time.

Some 800,000 years ago, a magnetic compass' needle would have pointed south because the Earth's magnetic field was reversed. These reversals typically happen every several hundred thousand years.

Besides the reversals Zemgus Girgensons Womens Jersey , there is a secondary pattern of geomagnetic "wobble," known as paleomagnetic secular variation, or PSV, that may be a key to understanding why some geomagnetic changes occur.

In a paper published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, researchers reported identifying the pattern by studying two high-resolution sediment cores from the Gulf of Alaska that allowed them to develop a 17,400-year reconstruction of the PSV in that region Sam Reinhart Womens Jersey , then compared those records with sediment cores from other sites in the Pacific Ocean to capture a magnetic fingerprint, which is based on the orientation of the magnetite in the sediment that acts as a magnetic recorder of the past.

The Earth's magnetic field does not align perfectly with the axis of rotation, which is why "true north" differs from "magnetic north."

In the Northern Hemisphere, this disparity in the modern field is driven by regions of high geomagnetic intensity that are centered beneath North America and Asia.

When the magnetic field is stronger beneath North America, or in the "North American Mode," it drives steep inclinations and high intensities in the North Pacific Johan Larsson Womens Jersey , and low intensities in Europe with westward declinations in the North Atlantic.

"What we have not known is whether this snapshot has any longer-term meaning - and what we have found out is that it does," said Joseph Stoner, an Oregon State University (OSU) paleomagnetic specialist and co-author on the study.

The alternate "European mode" is in some ways the opposite, with shallow inclination and low intensity in North Pacific, and eastward declinations in the North Atlantic and high intensities in Europe.

The magnetic field is generated within the Earth by a fluid outer core of iron, nickel and other metals that creates electric currents Kyle Okposo Womens Jersey , which in turn produce magnetic fields. The fact that it changes is well known, the reasons why have remained a mystery.

The simplest form of magnetic field comes from a dipole: a pair of equally and oppositely charged poles, like a bar magnet.

"We've known for some time that the Earth is not a perfect dipole, and we can see these imperfections in the historical record," said Maureen Walczak, a post-doctoral researcher at OSU and lead author on the study.

"We are finding that non-dipolar structures are not evanescent Jake McCabe Womens Jersey , unpredictable things. Th.



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