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Promotional material for My War Photo: IC
Recently released Korean War film My War became a hot topic of discussion before it officially hit cinemas in China Cheap Nike Air Max Plus 97 , yet for reasons that the studio and the film's director didn't want to see.

The film, an adaptation of late writer Ba Jin's Tuanyuan (Reunion), ended up becoming the center of controversy after a promotional clip was released. In the clip, several elderly Chinese tourists Cheap Nike Air Max Plus TN , played by veteran Chinese actors and actresses, are seen taking a tour in South Korea, all the while proudly talking about how they triumphantly entered Seoul during the Korean War.

"Going to another country and telling the people there how I beat up your grandpa, isn't that the wrong way to be patriotic?"

Some netizens expressed anger over the propaganda-like style used in clip Cheap Nike Air Max Plus Mens , claiming that it glorified war and was bad for international relations with South Korea. Many netizens also directed their anger at director Pang Chun for promoting improper values and for putting the veteran actors in a bad situation.

After the controversy, Pang posted on Sina Weibo, "The promotional clip was not directed by me, nor was this my idea. Its content also has nothing to do with the film either."

He added that his intentions for the film are to show the cruelty of war and focus on human emotions.

No matter where the blame should lie when it comes to this controversy www.cheapmaxplus.com , it's clear that propaganda-style patriotism no longer fits the tastes of today's audiences, and instead may cause a backlash.

Political hurdles

According to Pang and the film's production company China Film Group Corporation, they had no intention of making My War a patriotic film.

"There is no hero - only the fear, pain and growth that ordinary people experience during war Cheap Nike Air Max Plus Online ," Pang said in an interview with Entertainment Capital.

While capturing the reality of war was Pang's goal, he had a number of hurdles to deal with that made this task extremely difficult.

Pang told Entertainment Capital that the China Film Group Corporation wanted him to make a film about the Korean War without actually mentioning who the main characters were fighting against, since this was related to the political relationship between China, the US and South Korea.

However Cheap Nike Air Max Plus Shoes , after the Philippines unilaterally filed its arbitration case concerning the South China Sea, Pang was told that the US military could appear in the film. Apparently the studio thought that it would make things more dramatic if the film had a villain.

It's worth noting that the controversial promotional clip also came out a little while after South Korea decided to deploy a US advanced missile defense system in the country's southeastern region over the summer.

It's clear that the film was heavily impacted by changing political scenarios.

The sensitive nature of the Korean War is one of the main reasons studios in China have avoided making films about it in recent years.

When the China Film Group approached Pang, a Hong Kong director known for directing horror films such as The Eye series and Re-cycle with his brother Pang Phat, with the idea for the film he was surprised.

"Then China Film Group told me that they wanted to make something different Cheap Nike Air Max Plus Sale , so I was relieved," Pang said.

"I knew that there were some things that I couldn't touch, but if they wanted me to make this war film, they would have to respect my style and perspective."

Mixed reviews

The film has been pretty polarizing since it hit theaters in the mainland on Thursday.

While the backlash brought about by the clip seems to have made many moviegoers very critical Cheap Nike Air Max Plus , others were surprised to find that the film is actually very different than advertised.

Currently the film holds a 3.55 stars on media review site douban, and has earned 26.11 million yuan ($3.9 million) according to China Box Office.

"I suggest taking a child to see it, so they can learn to value the peace we have now. War is not that faraway. The reality shown in this film is part of the past, but that reality could end up being our tomorrow. Who can be sure that war won't come tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?" netizen Su Xiaowu commented on Douban after giving My War four stars.

Others have complimented the film's cinematography.

When it comes to the bloody battle scenes Cheap Men's Nike Air VaporMax 97 Japan Black , netizen Ma Qingyun wrote on Douban that the film managed to capture something that no one else had successfully depicted before, except perhaps director Feng Xiaogang in his film Assembly.

Yet Ma still counted the clichéd and chaotic storyline as one of the film's major flaws.


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