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Where did you buy your tools? (tools for hardware repair/upgrade)


I wasn't sure exactly which forum to post this in, and AFAICanTell this hasn't been asked before....I'm studying for my CompTIA A+ Certification and I know there's a few tools I don't have right now. (In fact, my tools comprise: 1x Craftsman #2 Phillips head screwdriver, 1xsmall flashlight, that's it)Anyway, my friend has a nice little case full of tools (everything from wirestrippers and cutters to a Torx set and chip puller) and he said he bought them online.So I'm looking at getting a nice set for my next job which will be my first in hardware repair/upgrade (probably at a CompUSA or equivalent store and earning about twice what I make now in retail).Where did you get yours? Or if you don't like the ones you have, where would you buy your next set of hardware tools?

Please help.

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