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#1 2018-04-20 11:01:03


Wifi "connected, no internet" issue

I bought my Pixel 2 in January and after a couple of weeks started having Wifi connectivity problems. All other devices are connected to my home network without issue, it was only my Pixel 2 with problems. I went through all steps of resetting network, trying in safe mode, and eventually a factory reset which did not solve the problem and I had my handset replaced. It has been fine for a few weeks although the connection drops out frequently and I have to constantly "sign in" to the network several times per day (even though the automatically connect option is selected) or turn the wifi on and off in settings. Sometimes when signing in nothing happens and I have to select in the top right menu "use network as is" and this was working. While this temporary fix was annoying at best and costing me money at worst (since my mobile data was being hammered) at least I could manually fix it - albeit temporarily.
Now though, I can-not connect at all again. I have tried all the usual things, switching the wifi on and off in settings, I have reset the network settings, tried in safe mode, restarting the handset. Nothing works. I just constantly get the message "connected, no internet".
I am reluctant to contact the helpdesk again as I found the agent less than helpful, wanting to go straight for a factory reset despite me knowing that this will not resolve the issue (and then having the hassle of starting from scratch again).
From researching online this seems to be a common known problem but I can't find any "fix" anywhere.
Who do i contact about this?

Please help.

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