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SYDNEY C.J. Beathard 49ers Jersey , Feb. 23 (Xinhua) -- Australian consumers are not feeling confident despite lower fuel prices and interest rates, according to a new report released by the nation's biggest bank on Monday.

The latest Business Sales Indicator report of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), which looks at the transaction history of only CBA customers, showed that consumer spending continued to fall and was down 2 percent in January, marking the slowest pace of growth in spending since 2012.

However Ahkello Witherspoon 49ers Jersey , chief economist Craig James of Commonwealth Securities said the benefits of lower petrol prices and rates should boost spending in the coming months.

"With costs easing up for many households following the fall in petrol prices and recent interest rate cut, we can expect many consumers to slowly start opening their wallets and increase their spending as we progress through 2015," he said in a statement.

"Overall, the economy is in a relative stable position, so business owners should start planning for growth in 2015 and take advantage of the expected increase in household disposable income. "

The price of fuel has fallen nearly 20 Australian cents (15.69 U.S. cents) per liter over the past three months and interest rates have also been at historic lows at 2.25 percent.

At one point it was hard work. There was a time when every dollar I spent was a dollar I didn't have. A time when good food consisted of a corn dog from the local 7-11. A time when the closest thing I had to a stereo was two car alarms going off on both sides of my studio apartment.

But I finally made it. I hit the big time. My worries began to consist of whether or not to take the Yacht out in the late afternoon. Whether or not to drive the Lamborghini Diablo to the mall or slum it in the Cadillac Escalade. And whether or not my wife is going to be ogled by college kids while my sons drive through the streets in their custom made AMV's.

I was at the point where I tipped 20's to baristas just to make my wallet lighter. I bet thousands at the races on the horse with the limp Solomon Thomas 49ers Jersey , just to laugh hysterically as everyone stared at the only guy brave enough to cheer for the horse that came in dead last.

I had nothing I didn't own, nothing I couldn't buy. And, once that happened, nothing that could make me happy. Without value, my possessions became meaningless. It was more painful to look at them than it was to purchase them. I gave away most of my belongings to friends and family Womens Will Redmond Jersey , and sold the rest to whoever asked me for them.

With my family (always supportive) in tow, I searched for that little bit of meaning I had lost. Back before I had money, I used to cherish the corn dogs that constituted a "healthy" meal. Now a bite of even the most expensive Italian cuisine was meaningless.

And so, with nothing left to buy, I decided to take to traveling. I thought that leaving my surroundings and enjoying a change in environment would help my regain my soul Womens Joshua Garnett Jersey , but I found that the appeal of most vacations spots was nothing but more materialism. France was nothing if you could not enjoy the food. Asia had its trinkets that made it special, and that specialness was lost on me. Even the landmarks in Italy seemed like nothing more than large structures. I owned large structures. I did not need to see large structures.

It appeared that traveling was ineffective. My stress was beginning to rub off on my family, as they began to stay inside, rarely finding any of their own joys in our traveling adventures. It looked like this would be the way I would spend the rest of my life.

That is, until I found Maui.

When I stepped off the plane and onto Maui's soft Womens Dontae Johnson Jersey , warm sand, I could tell this place was different. It seemed that even the sun was pleased to be there. The scent of the air was as wonderful as its beauty, and the wind was as calm as its inhabitants.

Although we had several suitcases full of clothing, it appeared that all the clothes we needed could have fit into a single backpack. A pair of shorts, sandals Womens Earl Mitchell Jersey , and the occasional shirt were all I needed to enjoy the Hawaiian sun. My wife found herself wearing nothing but a bikini and a skirt, even in the evening. It was as though materialism was inexistent, because in Maui, less was more.

We stayed at an amazing hotel in Wailea, but we could have slept outside and been equally as comfortable. The air was crisp and comforting no matter what the hour Womens George Kittle Jersey , and even my kids found themselves up all hours of the night, because the only difference between night and day was a light blanket of darkness.

In Maui, I finally felt renewed. Material goods were not only unnecessary, they were a nuisance. I slept well for the first time in years thanks to the soothing comfort of the ocean waves. In Maui, I managed to recapture the appreciation for what I had - a great family Womens Brandon Fusco Jersey , a great life, and the ability to enjoy my surroundings.

My family and I canceled our return trip for almost a month before we decided it was time to head back. But I guarantee we will be going back soon. Though I won't guarantee we will make the return trip.

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