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This weekend while mowing the lawn my son found a baby duck in the grass. He had an injured leg that he dragged behind him. (The duck not my son.) We named him Quackers. He was no more then a handful of feathers. I don t know how he got there but he soon became our family project. Before the day was done we had found a second little duck swimming in the pool. He was a challenge to catch so we named him speedy. We proceeded to care for the little orphans the best that we could. We gave them a little dish of water to swim in and some bread to eat.

The next morning I woke up early and started searching online to figure out what exactly to do with the refugees. I discovered a whole forum of people who had also found and rescued little ducks. All of them like me were oblivious to the care and feeding of the little beasties. I soon discovered that I had done everything wrong!

They should not have been given bread because it blocks them up. We all know how that feels! They should not have gotten wet because they don t have the appropriate oils without their mother Patriots Rex Burkhead Jersey , until they are older. I also needed to make sure they were very warm and very dry. I had to buy them special food etc..

As I was searching and chatting I also discovered that you can buy diapers for your duck. Apparently ducks just go when they need to as long as they are not blocked up. If you would like your farm foul to be a house duck then a diaper apparently is in order. I was entertained by the pictures of the ducks with their diapers and the people who just love their house ducks and believe that they are the best of the pets. I found one site that insisted that ducks are great house pets but geese are better. Apparently a dog is no longer mans best friend. A duck is, as long as he has a diaper!

Being in the Online Marketing Business I had to apply what I had learned from Quackers and Speedy to the online society.

There is an Online Niche for Just about Anything!

The duck diaper business could explode following after the doggie t shirt. There is a whole crew of new consumers out there with their little duck refugees just waiting for their duck diapers. None of them even knew that ducks needed diapers or that the duck was man s best friend. From the posts in the forum I think women s best Friend is probably more accurate.

Someone into Ducks could Promote a very profitable Web Site.

There are a ton of people out there waiting for a web site that will instruct them in the proper care and feeding of their duckies and how to make them the perfect pets. Many like me were just wandering around waiting for someone to tell us what to do with the little webbed and billed beasties.

Inspiration is everywhere

If you haven t found an idea for making money online there are ideas everywhere. If you are into house ducks feel free to use this one. Believe me I will not be having a house duck and changing it s diapers.

What about Quackers and Speedy?

I know all you sentimental sorts are waiting for the happy ending. Well Speedy is doing great. He isn t very friendly and I m unsure if he is ever going to warm up to people. The kids have played pretty well with him. I think if he was bigger he would bite them. I am hopeful that he will continue to grow and be able to return to the wild.

Quackers Patriots Lawrence Guy Jersey , the sweeter of the two, has moved on to a better place. We had a little ceremony as we ushered him into the casket (which should be picked up by the trash man tomorrow). The kids wanted to burry him in the yard but with three dogs he may have have had a resurrection from his shallow grave. Quackers had an injured leg and I think that he simply wasn t strong enough to survive.

I hope you found this helpful and instructive. There are a ton of ways to make money online Patriots Stephon Gilmore Jersey , ducky diapers is just one of them. Jump in and learn how you can make money from a silly idea or something that is of interest to you.
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