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How Many Pair of Cross Country Shoes Do I Need?

How Many Pair of Cross Country Shoes Do I Need?

adidas yeezy boost 350 uk So How Many Pairs Do I Need?

The "How many pair do I need?" question is a common one I'm often asked when it comes to purchasing cross country shoes. This is particularly so with the more competitive crowd that logs over 50 -60 miles per week. But for most runners, especially recreational ones, the answer is usually just one pair.

However, shoe fetishes come in all shapes and sizes and for the running crowd this is no different. It may be hard to purchase and train in just one.And why not? There are so many good quality shoes available today and should your budget allow you to do so try experimenting with two or three different pair or brand names. You might want a pair of Asics, Gel Nimbus N-10 or N-11. These will work. And for most runners you'll probably love them weather you're a runner or just wearing them for daily use. You might want a pair Adidas- SuperNova. This is a great shoe with a great fan base and for around 40 bucks. It's hard not to try a pair of these. And if you're an Adidas fan to begin with, which I am, it's hard to dispute the point of how good these shoes are.

You might try a pair of Nike Zoom Vomero 4. adidas gazelle womens cheap An expensive shoe with great features for running on hard asphalt type surfaces with great comfort if, in fact, comfort exists when running on asphalt. You might try a pair of Nike Air Pegasus. Few shoes have stood the test of time like this one. And it has a dedicated running following like none other. You might try a pair of Brooks Ariel. Another expensive shoe with unique characteristics and design for those looking to cushion and absorb the "heel strike" better to reduce lower leg stresses.

The point is there are great shoes out there. Yes most are expensive. Everyone looks at "expensive" differently. To me anything over $100.00 is expensive. But there is great quality less expensive shoes out there for far less than that $100.00 mark that will provide many runners with a most satisfying running and daily wear experience.

So back to the main question of how many pair do I need?

adidas nmd r2 uk If you are a competitive runner I would recommend three. Chances are you're going to develop a shoe preference for running rocky uneven trails. Another for running primarily asphalt surfaces. Yet another for race day.

Cross country shoes are becoming that specialized.

But if you are a recreational running just trying to promote a healthier lifestyle and running a mile or 3 a day, 10-12 miles per week, I see no reason to have more than one pair. adidas superstar womens sale BUT, do your best to make sure you have that pair which best fits your foot type and running terrains. In other words, shop around and locate the most knowledgeable running shoe sales personnel before buying. And buy a quality shoe that affords you the comfort and durability for daily use. Nothing against Wal-Mart (and if those shoes provide you with quality and comfort then by all means buy them) but in the majority of cases you will want to purchase name brand cross country shoes.



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