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Metal crusher

{The production of metal crushers is mainly used for the better processing of waste materials. The name of the metal crusher is not the same because of the different voices in various parts of the country. Metal crusher, however, can be classified according to the name of different users in different regions and can be classified as crusher crusher, bicycle crusher, paint bucket crusher, automobile crusher, etc., although they are different in name, they are the same type of equipment.
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Specifically from the inside of the crusher to distinguish. Because the size of the metal crusher is different, the crushing capacity is also different, and the price is also different. When the user purchases, he can choose the right model according to the material to be broken and the output demand.Tools industry COD Vacuum Pressure Sintering Furnace
But no matter what type of metal crusher, their working principle is to use the hammer, the impact of the cutter to break the material. Driven by high-speed and high-power, the hammer head and the cutter head on the rotor of the main engine hit alternately into the material to be crushed in the silo, and tear the material to be crushed through the space formed between the liner and the hammer head and the cutter disk. Into the specifications of the crushed material, discharged from the screen. Unqualified tin and large particles are again impacted, sheared, impacted, rolled and rubbed until the desired fineness is filtered out of the screen. After the material is discharged, there are iron particles and aluminum particles in the metal. These particles can be separated from the aluminum particles by the magnetic separation equipment at the discharge port.Staiess steel eet vacuum coating machine



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