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Even if the exercise does not help you

Carrom is a dynamic game with full of enjoyment http://www.lionsauthenticofficialonline … ersey.html , excitement and leisure. It is a pleasing entertainment across the world and the appeal is great within the game itself. It is very easy to play and participate in this sport. The rules & regulation of the game are very simple and easy to follow. This is well-known to several people and it is also played in various countries.

There are several accessories available to play this game but some of the most essential equipments are carrom board, its coins and next come the powder. Both the former items are needed to start the game and the last thing is necessary to enhance the performance. Out of all three accessories, carrom powder is one thing that is very important to make the surface smooth and increase the striking process.
There are several advantages of this particular item http://www.lionsauthenticofficialonline … ersey.html , let us see some of them.
Benefits of carrom powder
==>> The powder that is most commonly used on the carrom board is boric dust.
==>> Players should use only high quality stuff in order to allow the coins slip easily.
==>> It decreases friction, when sprinkled on surface of the board, thus facilitating faster and smoother games.
==>> This is speeding the process of the game.

Now let us see the different version of this particular item.
Versions of carrom powder
Players of some of the European countries utilize a type of spray dust that is used in the printing business. This type of version has particular electrostatic attributes and prepared out of unpolluted http://www.lionsauthenticofficialonline … ersey.html , food-grade vegetable substance.
Basically, there are two crucial types available; Traditional & Modern. The traditional one that is usually available called boric residue and it works fairly well to make the surface smooth. This is the type that mainly available and usually found in the market.
Recently, the new category has presented in the market. This version has made it presence in all over the world and can be found easily. It is available in many stores. This is a super fine powder that presented in small synthetic containers. It is non-toxic and performs well to slide the pieces. This type is really cost effective http://www.lionsauthenticofficialonline … ersey.html , as a very little amount of this dust is required to be applied every time to get silky surface. The quality of this material is great and it is durable enough to go for many months.

However, you should keep in mind that not to use both types of different powders at the same time. When you want to change from one variety to another, just clean the powder completely that you have used previously prior to using the other brand of powder. You must use a spongy fabric to clean the surface because rough material can scratch the carrom board.

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Controls your urge for meals:

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