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Remember the Nike Shox? Well, they’re coming back

The boing is coming back. Remember those shoes that you wanted so, so, so bad when you were 7 or 8 years old? The ones that Vince Carter wore? The ones that you never saw Michael Jordan wear, but could help you jump like him?

They were the new balance running shoes sale, and they’re back for 2018. Meet the Nike Shox Gravity — dropping on Jan. 12.

We haven’t seen the cheap adidas running shoes sale cheap adidas running shoes sale[/url] in a prominent place in the sneaker market since the mid-2000s, but Nike is reintroducing them and they look better than ever before.

This shoe is different from its predecessors.New balance running shoes sale built for the modern-day runner, not a basketball player. The upper portion of the shoe is almost exclusively a mesh material with a lace lock in place on the tongue rather than typical shoe strings.

Still, the shoe still carries on the spirit and tradition that made the Shox so famous. It has its signature foam columns to give you that old bouncing sensation as you move.
To understand the new Shox, you must appreciate the shoe’s history.

The original Nike Shox pushed the boundaries of athletic sneakers. We’d never seen a midsole’s technology so exposed in a sneaker before. We’d been through the adidas running shoes sale uk bubble, the Converse REACT juice, and the Reebok pump system, but none of those showed off the midsole of the shoe so obviously. The springs were more than just a new twist.

The shoe literally took flight the same year it was finalized. Carter’s Olympic dunk over Frederic Weis represented everything the Shox embodied: flight, speed, finesse. It was all there. He debuted the Nike Shox BB4 with a bang.



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