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Celebrating Sisters, One Charm at a Time

Your sister or sisters are the one constant in your life, through thick and thin. It's inevitable that you'll have your share of fights with her along the way, but you'll also have someone to count on when your world is hopeless and grey. Pandora Rings Online You have a bond with your sisters that you can never really have with your brothers.

It's proven in research that sisters share the strongest sibling bond, while a sister and brother share the next strongest bond. Brothers share the weakest connection of the possible sibling bonds. The researchers weren't sure why, but sisters have, well, a sisterhood.

To mark your lasting bond as sisters, one suggestion is to each wear a bracelet with the same charm. You can each have different charms, or have every last bead and spacer match, but the plan is to each have at least one charm in common on each sister's bracelet. If you don't like the same metal or design or base, you can all have very different looks, yet still share that one special sisterly trinket.

You and your sisters can buy any base that you want and then choose the charm that best symbolizes your bond. Perhaps you all share the same faith and want to commemorate your common belief system, or perhaps you all have the shopping gene and want to outfit each of your wristlets with an adorable miniature purse. If you're lucky enough to consider each other as best friends, you may want to get a "best friend" trinket. Cheap Pandora Bracelets If you all love a charm with a certain animal or flower, you can invest in the same one.

A lasting bond deserves lasting quality, so be sure to invest in quality metals and materials. You don't want your design to break or scratch - you want something special. You want a gorgeous bracelet (or necklace) that you can wear to special events and everyday events. Be sure to wear your sister bracelets at family get-togethers and holidays.

If you don't have a sister, perhaps you have a friend that feels like a sister to you. You don't have to be blood-related to feel kinship and unconditional love. Pandora Australia Sale Your special friend may even be easier for you talk with than a biological sister. Whatever the case, it's worth marking your closeness with a special charm bracelet, and it's a lot less painful than getting matching tattoos.



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