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Most families save for months http://www.cheapuswntsoccerjerseys.com/ … ms-jersey/ , sometimes years, to be able to afford their trip of a life to Florida when there really is no need.

November is one of the best months to go to Florida for a number of reasons and hopefully you will be able to afford it as opposed to breaking the bank or running up a massive credit card bill.

The following lists five good reasons to go to Florida in November and have the time of your life.

1. Flights are so cheap in November that it would work out more economical to travel to Florida than it would to the only hot alternatives like Tenerife or Lanzarote. A last minute booking with many airlines are as low as 130 pounds per adult for flight and car.

2. There are that many villas for rent in Florida, full stop, and at this time of the year villa owners, are not quite begging for your business, but are more than happy to offer you a great deal for the rental of a beautiful holiday home. Some are as low as 350 pounds per week; this is for the rental of the villa NOT PER PERSON, which includes all taxes and end of vacation cleaning.

3. The Theme Parks are probably the main reason families choose to go to Florida with a round of golf coming a close second. So starting with the attractions; the queues are much shorter than that in the height of the season and more bearable too. You can spend as much as two days in one theme park in August as opposed to visiting two separate ones within the same time in November. Two weeks is "Never enough time" for most first, second or even third time visitors to Florida, so the more of it you have the more you can fit in to keep all the family happy. Now for the golf; prices vary due to the weather and time of day. For example the most expensive time to play is early morning because the majority of golfers want to play in cooler conditions and this is the only time of day it is cool enough in the height of summer. November, however, is perfect to play all day and teeing off at noon doesn't leave you exhausted once you have played 18 holes and the cost is a lot lower than playing at 7am in August.

4. With the hurricane season over November offers temperatures in the mid 70's to the low 80's with little rain and blue clear skies. It is warm enough to sunbathe and swim as well as enjoy a day out at the theme parks without being baked. Some of the water parks close in November so be careful about buying tickets for these parks before you check if they are going to be open during your stay.

5. And finally http://www.cheapuswntsoccerjerseys.com/ … an-jersey/ , what better tonic to have a break before Christmas? Imagine Christmas shopping without the hassle? And with the UK Pound so strong against the US Dollar, without the stress that it normally carries at home, it will cost you a lot less than the same product at home. Celebrate Thanksgiving in the US like the Americans who probably celebrate this festivity more than Christmas. Make it part of the 'Kids' presents, it will like having two Christmas's for them, and you, as the pressure of organising Christmas wont be anything like November at home. Thanksgiving is celebrated the fourth Thursday in November so be sure to book your trip around this date if you want to join in the celebrations.

Go on try Florida, you know it makes sense, and the whole family will have plenty to talk about over Christmas dinner as opposed to falling asleep after the Queens speech, no offence your majesty.

A two weeks trip in November to Florida based on two adults and two children with flights, car hire and a luxury villa with private swimming pool could be as low as 300 pounds per person, cheaper than the Canaries!
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Phil Howard has been renting his beautiful holiday villa in Florida for over 12 years and he wants you to have the holiday of a lifetime. See why his florida holiday villa is occupied for over 40 weeks every year

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