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After what I’m sure was a long summer totally free of impostor cousins Wholesale Jerseys , nearly thwarted engagements, manuscript thievery and mysterious, positive pregnancy tests not-so-subtly hidden in trashcans, “Gossip Girl” returned because of its fifth season Monday night Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 2.

Following in the actions of its television littermates like “Sex And this City” and “Mad Men” — ALL RIGHT, maybe more like TELLY half siblings or stepsiblings or perhaps fourth cousins once taken out — the show routed Serena, Nate and Chuck from Ny to L. A. Despite having fewer zingers as compared to usual Cheap Basketball Jerseys , last night’s show was sort of what you’d expect before it starts of a season connected with Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 2

Serena embarking on an unlikely, and probably fleeting, career path to prove that she actually is that intellectual? Check Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 2.

After being discovered about the boardwalk by David A Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 2. Russel last season, Serena has adjusted your as a PA on the set of a The show biz industry adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Beautiful along with the Damned. ” Because “Entourage” experienced already taken Gatsby.

But the “it young lady to working girl, ” as Serena so humbly said, is apparently kicking ass. Not only is she showing less cleavage Cheap NBA Jerseys , but she wrote a “thoughtful comparison relating to the book and the script” (uh huh), comes in first in addition to goes home last, and even dodges getting fired following your director’s assistant (who I am going to always remember as of which cute guy who stole either Mary Kate or even Ashley’s heart in “Passport to help Paris”) dupes the woman’s into buying medicinal medical marijuana — because writers don’t want you to definitely forget they’re in D. A. — for a sober actor. She takes the fall however lands a full-time task. Columbia, what?

Oh, and then she incurs IvyCharlie her fake cousin. Of course.

Chuck acting dangerous and impulsive so as to get over Blair? Check.

Chuck and Nate you live on a boat and have absolutely adopted a Yoko-Ono approved new mantra: Always say yes.

Chuck begins by using a threesome with blonde, bikini-clad twins (yes Cheap Jerseys From China , you and the Circumstance, Chucky) and proceeds to complete a series of death-defying stunts and motorcycle tricks to exhibit he’s bad ass. Although Chuck wipes away after doing wheelies about Mulholland and somehow doesn’t decide he’s hurt until in the morning when he sees the gigantic bruise. This begs the query: does Chuck have a sickness where he’s immune to all pain or is he exactly that drunk.

Nate going after older women — on this occasion actually wearing a leopard print dress in the event we didn’t get that she was a coug? Check.

Nate is being Nate. He gets Serena the weed in reference to his club card — certainly it’s called “blueberry headband” — then lies about owning a swanky Hollywood mansion for you to sleep with Elizabeth Hurley, the house’s true manager. What Nate doesn’t know is that she has been scheming to make contact with him for a though, for ambiguous (although I’m guessing shady) reasons.

Dan must hide his or her true feelingsgenius? Check.

Dan’s form of escapism apparently involves wearing a jarringly shiny blue tee shirt while playing inside a Writer’s vs. Artist’s softball game from the Hamptons, which, by the way Cheap Jerseys China , is completely real. I take back my eye roll on the TV screen.

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