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There are plenty of ways of keeping

But then again, perhaps for the quite low price that the iDisguise is being sold for, the creators of this quite ingnue iPod case are saying that you can buy the iDisguise and you also can do the thinking on how you would protect your gadget from being beat up inside the tin can. One of these would be this cute little iPod cases which adoringly look like simple tins of candy. If you already have got your iDisguise in your hands, just open up the tins opening flap and there it is - the space which would contain aluminum alloy profile and keep your iPod safe. At least, you know your iPod is safe from being owned by other people. And if you have been the quite so unlucky chosen one, then you would certainly not be having a grand day after you do find out that your iPod has been snatched out of your sight or has been sleighted to the hands of some other person. I wonder if they really are that big enough to contain an iPod Video or has it been designed so that it would be just handy and dandy for an iPod Nano? It would surely not be advisable purchasing such a cool yet deceiving iPod case when you could not put your gadget right in.

Two things are bothering me though about the iDisguise. It seems aluminum profile like quite one of those perfect iPod Video accessories.Your iPod could certainly be the target of those malicious eyes roaming around in public places. And with the iPod inside it, maybe the gadget would only get scratched up inside.
These cute and nifty iPod cases are actually lovingly dubbed as the iDisguise and sure enough, it does disguise your favorite musical and audio gadget so that other people would not take notice of it.
And while that is one of the two questions running in my mind, another thing that seems to bother me about the iDisguise is that it seems to be made of simple tin and aluminum - just like any can. It looks like there is nothing inside to keep the iPod snug and fit so that it does not move around and would not accumulate scratches on its surface.

There are plenty of ways of keeping your iPod safe and sound and out of harms way. Who would want to go after a tin can of mint or peppermint for that matter?

There is no clever idea behind how you would actually use the iDisguise for your iPod.



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