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Thassos lies around 12 kilometres from the northern mainland of Greece and is a popular vacation destination for the residents from mainland Greece. It is however Pavel Zacha Jersey , not so popular that it becomes overrun during the high season like some of the more famous Greek Islands like Corfu and Crete.

The feeling of serenity and solitude is never far away and it is definitely a place for those who want to relax and get away from the stress of everyday life.

The scenery of the Island may not be dramatic but it is a very beautiful island, though the old nickname of the "Emerald isle" is sadly now not exactly true as common forest fires have taken away a lot of the greenery. But dont let this put you off this wonderful destination P. A. Parenteau Jersey , as it has more than enough to keep visitors coming back with gorgeous sandy beaches and fascinating Hellenistic ruins.

The capital of the Island is Thassos Town which is on the northeast coast and is the main port for the Island. It was built on top of the ruins of the ancient City of Thassos, which at the height of its glory commanded lucrative trade links with as far away empires as that of Egypt and Persia. The ruins of this ancient City is scattered around the modern settlement and it is easy to spend a few hours strolling around gazing at these glimpses into a glorious past. If you would like to see more into the islands past history the Archaeological Museum has many exhibits and is well worth a few hours even if it is just to get away from the sun!

Most visitors to the Island leave Thassos Town fairly quickly to make their way to the coast and the transport network links the Town with pretty much every Village on the Island. The East coast of the Island has some lovely beaches and some attractive and traditional Aegean villages. Panagia and Potamia are favourites of visitors to Thassos and their hillside setting offer wonderful views over the Island and the coast.

The not so originally named Golden Beach is a long and sandy stretch and is easily the best on the Island. The road down from the two hillside Villages is pleasant and not too much of a strain Mike Cammalleri Jersey , although there is a regular bus that does the route.

Paradise Beach is further south and while it is not as picturesque as Golden Beach it is a lot quieter and is a great place to relax and get away from the limited bustle of Thassos Town. The views from this little Islet and across from the easily accessible cliffs are magnificent and there is also a small archaeological site nearby too.

The Western coast of Thassos is probably busier than the Eastern coast with more package tours discovering the area every year. The Beaches along this coast are more exposed and consist mostly of pebbles rather than sandy as on the opposite side of the Island. There are a few splendid Villages along the coastline and all of them have wonderful stepped cobblestone streets and stone houses. A couple of these such as Skala Rahoniou and Skala

Marion have little beaches and are starting to attract the development of bigger resorts. Limenaria on the South coast is the second largest Town on the Island and is a popular resort with a narrow sandy beach which can get quite crowded in the summer. Around 15 kilometres from the town is the Village of Theologos which was the capital of the Island under the Turkish occupation and quite effortlessly the most beautiful on Thassos. Its whitewashed houses and narrow streets are still undiscovered by mass tourism and when you walk along the lanes you cannot help but feel you have found your own little piece of traditional Greek Island life!

There are a few hotels in each of the Beach settlements, but the more heavily developed area is on the Western coastline and it is here that most package deal holidaymakers will find themselves. More and more people are hiring holiday villas for their visit and with a hired car it is easy to explore the Island.

Ferries to the Island are regular from Kavala on the mainland. Kavala lies 100 kilometres East of Thessaloniki Martin Brodeur Jersey , where there is an International Airport. Buses to Kavala from Thessaloniki are fairly regular and this is the only way to reach the Island as there is no airport on Thassos itself.

The currency of Greece is the Euro which is divided up into 100 Cents.
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