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#1 2017-09-05 15:10:09


Automated Backup

How to save a copy of a '_be' so that it can be synced without a data conflict?
I use SugarSync to back up selected files and to ensure that my various computers have the current version. SugarSync runs in real time, updating each copy of the file as it is saved. This is fine with files that are saved "once in a while" but Access backend files are saved after every edit, meaning that Sugarsync not only creates literally hundreds of copies of the files, often tripping over itself in the process, but that it also causes data entry conflicts if it tries to copy the file whilst Access is writing to it.
Ideally, I want to automate the process of copying the 'be' file into a separate directory when a session is closed, ie when I select the "Exit Database" option that I have on the switchboard (in the front end db). I suspect that this means running a macro or calling an outside batch file. Any recommendations?

Thank You!!!

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