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#1 2017-09-05 15:09:01


Very slow - no idea why

Hi all;

This is something weird I ran across recently.

We had a report (Windward, not SSRS) that was pretty basic, 9 pages long, and it was taking over 1 minute to run. I ran it under a profiler and 92% of the time is in the ADO.NET connector (i.e. SQL Server was slow to respond). And then about 1 time out of 20, it would be the expected 2 seconds. Something weird was going on…

To cut to the chase, by changing the selects, I got it down to 2 seconds. I did this by crafting better selects. But the thing is, the amount of data was so small, it shouldn’t have made a difference.

I have all the details here.

My guess is that SQL Server is optimized for standard ways of pulling down selected data from large databases. And optimization is trade-offs where you build up caches, structures, etc. to then be able to handle 100,000 queries against a terabyte of data. And for our case, that was just a ton of unnecessary overhead. Or maybe we just hit some very weird combination of calls that it handles poorly.

Thank You!!!

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http://www.dbforums.com/showthread.php? … o-idea-why
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