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Issues with Yandex

Hi guys!

I run an e-learning school called onlineteachersuk.com. When I started the biz I was mostly focused on the Russian market so set the main language as Russian and the secondary (/en/) as English. After about 3 years online we are doing well in Google for English language results and ok for Russian, but Yandex doesn't like us very much!)) I'm trying to understand how the two search engines might view the same site/pages differently...

e.g. If you take a keyword phrase in Russian like "английский по скайпу с носителем" (English by Skype with a native speaker), we are around page 2 on Google but absolutely nowhere on Yandex. This seems rather odd given that we have more Russian pages than English on the site (mostly text content in the blog). We use the above keyword phrase enough (in my opinion).

I've been watching some vids from Russian SEO websites like seopult and get the feeling that Yandex isn't as strict as Google with regard to purchased backlinks. I obviously don't want to pay for backlinks just to get popular on Yandex and, in the process, attract a penalty from Google. From what I've seen Yandex seems to (1) give preference to .ru sites (its equivalent of Adwords won't allow .com websites to advertise...you have to be .ru) and (2) places a lot of emphasis on backlinks (perhaps with fewer checks on their origin/quality). Our server is in Russia so geotargeting shouldn't be an issue.

Our strategy to date has been strongly in favour of organic SEO through the writing of "valuable" content (+ selected keywords) in Russian and English, with updates about once a week for the last 3 years. To be honest, I haven't done much backlink building. I just put our content out via our social network groups/pages on FB, VK, Twitter, G+, etc. Perhaps I should be doing more in this area.

Has anyone encountered similar issues with Yandex? Any thoughts on backlink building - is it really necessary to make a conscious effort to go out there and build them or should you just write good stuff and let the links come to you?

Please help...

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