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Ceramic Beadmaking Techniques: Glaze Questions

Hi, This is my first time posting in the tech area, I hope its all right. Glass and Ceramics are related, so there might be some cross information here!

I have some glaze questions for the ceramic bead makers. do you prefer to buy your glazes wet or dry? If dry, how do you prepare them...do you sift them, mix a small batch at a time, or mix the whole lot? Does buying a small quantity (1 lb dry) effect the look of the glaze?

I use a whole variety of different glazes in different forms. I am sort of haphazard when it comes to glazing. I probably have about 40 glazes that I use regularly for my beads. I have wet glaze and dry glaze. Some dry glaze I mix up as I need it, but I recently bought some laguna glazes (the new ones) and they don't seem to work like this. The results are so different from the picture, I think I need to mix up the whole batch!

Gaea, I know you use these glazes..in what form do you buy them? Have they given you any trouble?

Andi, What are your favorite types of glazes to use?

Anybody else have glaze info or thoughts?

Thank You!!!

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