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#1 2017-08-22 15:50:43


What is Seattle Like for an Inter-racial Couple

I'll agree with what everyone else has said. Seattle is place that's pretty welcoming of interracial couples. But you know what? I was in southern Mississippi less than a year ago, and I saw a whole bunch of interracial couples in Hattiesburg. Shocked the heck out of me. And went to a famous BBQ joint there owned by black women, but the bussers were all white guys. Not saying you should move there, but Seattle is a pretty friendly place.

It's not the same, but I'm white and my wife is Japanese. Yes, this is BY FAR the most progressive part of the country. No midwestern "polite"-yet-talk-behind-your-back attitude, very little racism (and most the time it's from stupid teenagers trying to look cool). It is not just tolerant, it's accepting of interracial couples. And given your jobs, you will likely find something for the wife and probably the husband too. Local economy sucks but everywhere does right now.

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