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#1 2017-08-22 15:48:20


Where have all the sellers gone?

Hi All!
I hope someone can help me. I am new here, and I am glad I found this site. I am hoping to learn from all those smarter than me in this area.
My son & I own a retail inkjet/toner store. Business is pretty good. I am wanting to start selling copy paper. I have been working on finding a good seller since January. I have joined several b2b sites, sent out RFQs, get responses out the who-hah from scammers.
After getting scammed once, I developed a checklist for any seller that contacts me. So far, I haven't found anyone that I can do business with "across the pond". American & Chinese prices are too high (sorry, but...). Legit companies (factories, mills) that I email directly just do not respond. I am wanting a 20', maybe a 40' container, so I know while not a large order, it is big enough to at least respond to, I would think. I have found many, many buyers for copy paper, and am about 95% sure that there would be several future orders as well, but I just can't find the supplier! I wouldn't mind a distributor, but those are hard to verify the good from the bad.

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