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#1 2017-08-21 16:17:44


Cutting around a turn inside a tube

As paehv shows Tube milling in NX11.0.1 would be the easiest and best option. If you don't have tube milling because of previous versions of NX then I have attached an old way of achieveing this. It's not refined as far as step over etc, it's a sample that you can improve on to get the stepover, cut percentages from each side etc. to the way you need.

Create an offset surface on the inner face (small offset -1mm/.04" will be enough)

create a variable contour operation.
I would expect some projection issues with sharp corner t-cutters I made one that has top and bottom radius sizes that match the flute length.please check the attached sample. The other issue I could see is based on the tool axis you could possibly be plunging the t-cutter into material with the non cutting portion of the t-cutter so careful roughing would be more critical.

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