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#1 2017-08-18 17:33:30


Places to Go Alone and meet people?

I got totally screwed today becuase of my transprotation issues for work.
So I had to freaken take the bus home.

I mingle with a babe standing in line with me.
Then I mingle with another babe sitting next to me on the bus.
So..I'm not as afriad to talk to complete strangers and introducing myself.
Sometimes other people will approch me and ask me questions and stuff...

Yeah get out of the house...definitely.
That was a big step for me..I had to force myself to go out of my house and stay out
of my house for a couple of hours...Luckiy there's a nice park near where i live.
I ride my bike around the park..There's people at the park...
Then I went back to work.

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