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#1 2017-08-18 17:31:54


Am I being reasonable to be upset over this?

First of all hi all. It's been ages since I've been on, I see lots of familiar names and I hope you are all well. Big love! Smile

So I thought I'd ask for your counsel regarding some feelings I had recently because I'm pretty annoyed about the whole situation and it's just bizarre. I find these boards have always helped me in the past and I value the input of everyone here.

I'll leap right in. Basically I've had a female friend for about 5 years. We sort-of-dated when we first hung out (though we were both very young so it wasn't prolonged or at all serious) and then became friends.

She started dating this guy for 4 years, he was a bit "off" but generally didn't seem too bad. We remained friendly and she'd sometimes flirt with me, which I found a bit weird. She was very much into hugging me all the time (significant in a bit) and also invited me to another part of the country to meet her folks alongside her bf, which again felt a bit weird even though they were really nice.

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