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#1 2017-07-24 12:26:50


Does a DAC make a giant difference?


I was just curious in finding out how much a DAC makes in listening to music, I've been slowly building my rig for the past few months. I took a dive purchasing the DT880s  600 ohms version, and just bought a valhalla amp to accompany it. The amp made a HUGE difference for me listening to my headphones. As of right now, I'm just connecting the valhalla straight to my PC with my music on it. The music itself sounds very wonderful to me.

Would a DAC make an even greater difference? Or is the improvement just a bit better? I've already purchased an amp that was the same value as my headphones, would I need a DAC around that price as well? I'm trying to juggle my hobbies of audio gear with photography and guitar.

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