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How to Track the Campaign Metrics That Matter

While most marketers realize the need to track and gather insights on pipeline performance, many are still unsure which campaign metrics they should be analyzing to improve campaign performance.
Join us for this free seminar to get a behind-the-scenes look at which metrics leading organizations are tracking, and how those insights are helping them to uncover insights into their prospects and pipeline. You'll walk away ready to up your metrics game so you too can create more effective campaigns. the marketing manager for BrightFunnel, and she is turning marketers into revenue rockstars with multi-touch marketing attribution. Prior to joining the team, Amelia was the social media & influencer manager at EverString, where she used BrightFunnel as a customer to make data-driven decisions and execute integrated marketing campaigns. When she's not marketing, you can find her hanging out with her husband and rescue dog.
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Re: How to Track the Campaign Metrics That Matter

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