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#1 2017-04-17 12:00:49


Fifa cash isn’t dangerous whatsoever knowing

At the state website announced how the Bournemouth guard Mingsi extra punishment, he within Bournemouth and Stansted United game trampled Ibrahimovic's mind, was the foot The entire ban five video games of punishment.

Within the last weekend Bournemouth 1-1 pull Manchester United online game, Minsi in the defense step upon Ibrahimovic's head, but once the referee did not really punish him, then Ibrahimovic to Mins There isn't any penalty for elbowing.

Following the game, the FA about the Minsi charges, he was violent within the game, although Minutes subsequently appealed, however the FA study which three suspension isn't enough, the extra to him 2 punches.

Yesterday, the FA also announced the outcomes of the punishment from the Iraqi elbow, Ibrahimovic had been suspended for 3 games, will skip Manchester United as well as Chelsea FA Mug.

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Re: Fifa cash isn’t dangerous whatsoever knowing



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