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The argument about precisely how duplicate content is defined and whether or not duplicate content is a problem continues to rage and there is no sign of it going away. So precisely what is classed as duplicate content and should we worry about it?

The general and widely accepted view is that duplicate content does matter and Elite Patrick Willis Jersey , despite the fact that one high profile search engine optimization expert recently expressed the opposite view, even a cursory inspection of the mountain of material which has been published on the topic recently will clearly indicate that this is a minority opinion.

But, if we agree that duplicate content does really matter, then how can we go about defining duplicate content? If I write an article for submission to an article directory and then alter that same article for submission to a second article directory how are the search engines going to evaluate these two articles and decide whether or not they contain duplicate content? The simple truth is that we don't know, but here is one webmaster's opinion.

When duplicate content checking was first introduced by the search engines it was a simple matter of looking at one web page as a whole against another and no attempt was made to begin to dissect the pages and compare individual page elements. At that time you could make use of identical content and simply add an introductory and concluding paragraph to one of the pages to escape any duplicate content penalty. Unfortunately for many those days are long gone.

The search engines now divide up the two pages in order to compare individual elements and it is this which is the core of today's argument. It is generally believed that attention is now directed towards the main content of a page rather than the structure of the page. Most webmasters use templates to build their pages which define the structure of each page including things like headers, footers and navigation bars. This is widely felt to be quite acceptable and the search engines do not count this as duplicate content. What the search engines are checking is the main content that is contained within the body of the page. But just how do they check this page content?

Some people contend that this comparison is carried out at 'block' level (comparing individual paragraphs or sentences), but others contend that filters look for phrases or even for individual words. Noone really knows of course but it might seem reasonable to conclude that the likeliest basis of checking would be to use either phrase or sentence matching.

Sentence matching is reasonably clear-cut and simply means cutting both pages up into chunks following the page's punctuation. For instance, take a look at this sentence:

It is reasonably easy to get a good deal on a health insurance plan Elite Joe Montana Jersey , providing you know how to haggle.

This would be seen as either one single sentence or as two sentences, depending upon whether or not you use the time honored definition of a full-stop as indicating the end of a sentence or adopt an elastic approach and make use of other punctuation marks, like commas.

Matching based upon phrases is a little bit more complex. What is a phrase? Should it be 2 words or 3 words or 4 words or�?

Just for now let us say that a phrase is 3 words. In this case the phrases below would be seen as duplicate content if they appeared on two pages which were being examined:

Take a look
Day to day
The answer is
Did you know
At that time
In the end
In those days
You can get

These phrases are all standard day to day phrases that could be used on pages about breeding ferrets, fighting breast cancer, football or anything else you can think of. Now there are a few people who contend that the search engines do check pages down to this level. Indeed, when I asked the support staff for one particular duplicate checker (Dupecop) about how their software checked duplicate content they said:

"DupeCop compares both individual words and 3-word phrases. It also ignores all punctuation and scans across sentences"

I was not surprised therefore that when I Your guess is as good as mine.

Over the years I have written and published hundreds of articles and have monitored the results for signs of duplicate content penalties, as far as it is possible for anyone to do so. On the basis of my own experience I would say that filtering is not carried out clear down to the level of 3 or 4 word phrases but probably stops at sentence level. As a result, providing you change articles down to this level Elite Jerry Rice Jersey , you ought not to have a problem in avoiding the filters. In fact, even if one or two of sentences are duplicated you will still be fine.
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